PCC’s Assessment Timeline

The assessment cycle follows a consistent timeline for activities and deadlines, outlined below:


Recent & Current Assessment Plans

FALL 2016

Goal: Develop and implement cohesive institution-level assessment practices.

  • Discuss shared faculty values for student learning across the institution
  • Identify top 3 ISLO priorities as the focus of institution-wide assessment efforts
  • Select provisional rubrics for assessing ISLOs
  • Coordinate distribution of ISLO assessments across divisions, departments, and programs (see Planned/Completed ISLO Assessments)
  • Faculty complete at least one ISLO assessment in one class during Fall 2016 and submit scores via eLumen


Goal: Develop and implement sustainable program-level assessment practices that are aligned with institution-wide values.

Each department followed the Program-Level Assessment Checklist to complete the following tasks: